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xSynSoldier's Ban Appeal

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by xTynx, Jan 18, 2020.

  1. What is your username?
    (Please give us the username that you were banned on)

    When were you banned?
    (Date that which you were banned on)

    Why were you banned?
    (Reason stated on your Ban Message)
    "Sorry, your unban was accidental."

    Do you understand why you were banned?
    (Explain whether you understand the reasoning behind your ban)
    Yes, I understand. What it comes down to is I was excessive trolling, and over bidding on auctions.

    Have you ever been banned before?
    (If so, explain why)
    Yes, one time I was falsely banned for taking mob spawners a staff member told me I could take, then went back on his word and said no, so I put them back then he banned me.

    Will you follow the rules again in the future?
    (Explain why you want another chance)
    Yes, of course I will, I believe I deserve another chance for I have been banned for nearly ten months now. It says I was banned on the 18th of May, but I was banned before that it was just that I was accidentally unbanned somehow, so I was rebanned.

    Attach a screenshot of your ban message.
    (This is important as it contains information regarding the ban)

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