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Denied A unjustified ban...

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by chris, Mar 30, 2019.

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  1. A unjustified ban...

    A couple of minutes ago, I got banned. This was a permanent ban. I recognize this as a unjustified ban, because of the reasoning. It said that:
    . We didn't rebuild our stripclub, because it was never torn down. So I therefore dismiss this and claim this as a false statement. Me and MariusAlexander have built a lot on this server, and we wish to continue to as well. We ask to get unbanned for justification and we apologize if we offended anyone because of our actions.

  2. You not taking it down is also another issue, as you were told to remove it. We had actually checked on it. And today when we checked again, you had placed down the "stripper poles" again, made signs with "BEST DANCERS" on it and a bunch of names added on. There was a bar with alcoholic drinks, etc. None of that is allowed. Also, your previous offenses added on to this punishment. It wasn't just from this one instance. Your previous ban was a temporary ban for 3 days, next would've been 7 days. But because of your previous offenses and how you and Marius kept saying inappropriate things in chat and got warned and muted between the last temporary ban and now, your ban is permanent.
  3. I wanna be unbanned for 3 reasons.




    Thanks for your attention.

  4. I concur with all that Sub has said on this matter, and a permanent ban is definitely warranted after all of the toxicity, failure to listen to staff, disrespect, racism, etc that you have presented to the community and this great server. You were warned, muted, temp banned multiple times, and yet you still have not learned from your mistakes. I hope another server doesn't have to deal with you like we have. Learn from this. Farewell
  5. . Me and Marius are having fun, joking around. Me and Marius also feel that all the staff here are out to get us. By that we mean that u guys watch us, ban us, mutes us, etc. I hope you guys learn to take some jokes and not get offended too easly. Hope you guys will think about unbanning us.

    Until next time.


  6. We do watch you because you guys kept breaking rules and being rude/disrespectful. That is our job, to keep an eye on troublemakers and make sure the server is a fun and friendly environment for players young and old to be able to come on, relax, play, and talk to people. You and Marius made it stressful for staff, made players uncomfortable, and were and were causing problems because of what you were doing.
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