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Denied Devdoodle's ban appeal

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Devdoodles, Mar 17, 2019.

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  1. my in game name is Devdoodles
    I was banned 2019-03-17
    the first ban was issued by Subatrix, which was "(for placing a pwarp after being told several times to remove it)"
    the ban was extended by 2 days by codename4u which was "(bypassing previous ban & disrespect toward staff)"
    I fully understand the circumstance on the extension of the ban. but the ban itself I do not believe to be justified in any manor
    I have been banned for 1 day for the creation of the Pwarp in question, it had "harassment" as Falghar stated and had me remove it. which I did so. then the Pwarp stood untouched for several days and close to being one of the top 10.
    when arguments happened with staff (falghar) I was banned for the pwarp that has been changed to be rule following
    no. I will not follow rules in the future. because there will be no future as I am leaving the server. I am issuing this ban appeal so I can transfer all of my belongings to those who have been besides me while playing.

    it also wont let me upload a screenshot

    "there was a problem uploading your file"

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