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Denied Kabarbon Ban Appeal

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Bella Thanoid, Dec 23, 2018.

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    Silkycraft Ban Appeals
    Welcome to the ban appeal format thread! Here you can find the format and instructions for appealing correctly from a ban! Want to appeal from a ban or think that you have been banned incorrectly, then you have come to the right place! Read this whole thread before appealing!
    Helpful tips
    - Make sure to spell words properly and correct any grammar mistakes
    - Be descriptive and go in depth - they can give our staff members a bigger picture of what was going on
    - Include evidence wherever possible in the appeal - this keeps your appeal backed up with proof
    - Don't post more than one appeal
    - Don't message or ask staff to look at appeals and never @tag the owners or staff.
    - Your appeal will take some time to look at - expect it to be around a few days to a week before we get to it.

    Ban Appeal Format
    What is your username?
    My username was [Redacted]
    When were you banned?
    I was banned on 12/9/18

    Why were you banned?
    The ban message only says that the ban hammer has spoken

    Do you understand why you were banned?
    No, I do not because I did not break any of the rules. I was collecting resources and building the entire time. After a while, the user [Redacted] later informed me that she was using exploits to nuke the server. I don't agree with that whatsoever, and played no part in it. I didn't even have knowledge that it was her until after the banning had occurred. I have never used hacks before and never will, so I find it unfair that I should be banned from the server for no reason at all when I wasn't the one nuking the server. At the most, I would disagree with a few people in the chat about the yearly reset of the server, but I never called anyone names or flat out insult them, and the chat logs can show that. I am innocent and don't deserved to be banned.

    Have you ever been banned before?
    No, I have never been banned before.

    Will you follow the rules again in the future?
    I have always been following the rules and I'll continue to do so as I continue building my house. I never had intentions of breaking the rules and I never broke the rules.

    (There was a technical issue in uploading an image of the ban message, so I will just write all the details in it:)

    Failed to connect to the server
    Banned: 2018-12-09
    Banned: rexmen
    Reason: The Ban Hammer has spoken!
    You are permanently banned!

    [Back to server list]
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    Okay, so it's been a month and seeing how the rest of this forum has been, I honestly don't want to be appealed anymore. The owner has been inactive for over a month, the last thing he did was just reject someone else's appeal, however I will mention that it was rightly rejected. On the other hand, on the 23rd of December, Rexmen accepted a help form kojichan, but although it was posted the same day and is currently the most viewed thing on this forum, tylerraids doesnt get any response whatsoever. It's not that I'm mad at having to wait, I honestly don't want to be in a server that resets yearly when it isn't even a factions server. That's just ineffective and poor design for a building server. Who would want to put in so much effort for it to be just deleted in under a year. So go ahead and //reject me now, because the incompetence of the owner is so clear that I'd rather never come back to this server. I still stand by my innocence, which I was innocent, along with my three other friends, as I said before [Redacted] was the only one attacking the server and without our knowledge. So have fun being in a useless server, that resets builds for no reason, has an owner so inactive and incompetent, and is filled with admins and "helpers" that are less than helpful. Like seriously, I wanted a thoughtful discussion on the reset and I was bombarded with insults, what a toxic server you run rexmen, banning any one that doesn't agree with you or doesn't suck up to you in your power hungry position. No wonder your server is doing so bad, who would want to join a rat like you. //rejected rexmen, you've been cancelled. What a shame, and I was planning and making such beauty in that server and you failed miserable as the tragic, low class, owner of trash. So Shut yo yeast infection wrong direction rock collection imperfection meth injection small erection last selection trash reflection head ass tf up, I am better than you, in fact, everyone else is. Learn how to run a server sweetie, because I'm never coming back, good riddance to you! ;)
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