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Denied MariusAlexander's Ban

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by mariusalexander, Mar 23, 2019.


may the ban be revoked please?

  1. My ban gets revoked

  2. The admins would see why i got upset

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  1. A message from MariusAlexander.

    Earlier this week i got scammed by another player for some building materials. I payed him 1 000$ and he didn't give me what he promised back which was a stack of terrecotta. I got upset and typed some things that i now realise was too much. Even though i shouldn't of typed what i did, i think the 7 day ban was a punishment gone too far. He didn't get any
    consequences for what he did, so i got more upsed than i should of and i am sorry for that. If u believe my apology is sincere i would appreciate if you would help me spend my weekend on the server that i love <3!
  2. Cannot appeal temp Bans. have to serve out the time,
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