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Denied Pimstachio's Ban Appeal

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Pimstachio, Feb 18, 2019.

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    What is your username?

    When were you banned?

    Why were you banned?
    Perm Ban-Phallic builds and unnecessary drama

    Do you understand why you were banned?
    Yes, fully. I've learnt my lesson completely.

    Have you ever been banned before?
    Yes, the first time I made an inappropriate picture in sand and couldnt work out how to destroy it, so tried to build over it to cover it, but wasn't quick enough. I received a 24 hour ban.

    Will you follow the rules again in the future?
    I will follow the rules, I really want another chance as I play with MrMrNicho, Friendy_hero and Louise in many other games as we area small community. I feel so stupid for getting banned in the first place. Please give me another chance to show I can follow the rules and respect them too.

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  2. You failed to follow directions on your first offense. Then you come back and build another phallic shape (while involving other players to help) and claim it was not that, then spoke with another staff member about your ban. After that discussion you left the discord before it was finished, because seemed like you didn't like the fact you were proven wrong. you then attempted to come back on alts both in game and discord. I could attach many pics to show you all you have done. There is plenty of evidence and I personally will not approve your appeal. I would, had you been more mature about the situation.
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    Hello Falghar, I appreciate your time in getting back to me. I see you are a SrMod now, congratulations on the promotion.

    I feel like maybe wires have gotten crossed at some point as to your reply to my appeal.
    I'm sure you can appreciate I am not here to cause an argument and I would like to just clear the air and gets things right, maturely.

    I requested to speak to another member of staff at the time, yes, that is very much correct.
    I spoke to Heytherekelilah, where I did protest my innocence however as you said, I was proven wrong.
    My conversation with Keytherekelilah ended and I left the discord as I didn't need to be on there during a 7 day ban.

    I came back to the discord as I was talking to my friend who was in that channel, I told him at the time, I had left the server but he invited me back. I then changed my name on discord, I believe it was to something like "theREALfriendy" because I was talking with my friend and we were discussing nicknames. However, I never typed or spoke to anyone but him while I was there. I'm sure if I gave you some dates you can check logs and messages to prove this. But before I could change it back, I was banned from the discord server.

    I honestly, hand on heart, do not know what you mean by trying to join back on alts in game, as far as I'm aware, you cannot do that on the same account once you are banned. I do not own another Minecraft account.
    I have changed my account name on Minecraft to Polkadotts, but that was because I could never remember how to spell Pimstachio and whenever I voted on a different server I had to keep checking the spelling (I know, that's terrible haha). Maybe that's where you think I have joined on an alt?

    I hope this has cleared up a few confusing matters.
    As I said, I dont want this to come across as starting an argument or disagreeing with you.

    At the end of the day, I have to accept yours and the rest of the SrMods/Owners choice.
    I just hope you can look past this now and we can start over and if you cant, then at least I have explained myself and hopefully cleared the air.
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