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    • Because we are not adding an economy that requires selling to admin shop or spawners we can remove some of the limits from the server.
    • Players can make all the vanilla farms like Iron Golem farm, Guardian Farm, Wither Skeleton Farm, and other farms which is not too laggy on the server hardware. Players can ask to staff if they are not sure about it.
    • View distance is also kept at 10 chunks to give players more range.
    • We have added the above vanilla limit enchantment books into the legendary and mythical crate.
    • There will be vanilla enchantment books to make those non-vanilla books rarer.
    • Players can apply these books onto their tools/armor using the anvil normal way.

    RANK UP:
    • We have changed the rank-up system completely to make it so those who play on the server and do diff types of activity get rewards with rank-ups exp.
    • This exp can be then used for ranking up in /Rankups ladder with 250 levels.
    • Players can do diff activities like fishing, mining, breeding mobs, mob killing, or building to get ranks exp.
    • Ranking up on the server will unlock more set homes, commands, perks, gives crates keys, and many more rewards.
    • There are 2 levels now for types of mobs players can catch. Level 1 passive mobs and level 2 hostile mobs.
    • Catching all mobs will be charged $1,000, Except villagers will be charged $2500. [Villager, Zombie Villager, Wandering Villager]
    • Anyone can craft "single-use" mob catchers, but only with access to catch specific types can use on mobs.
    • To craft a single-use mob catcher place 8 diamonds around 1 obsidian. [1 diamond in 1 slot filling total 8 slots]
    PVP & PVE:
    • Players can toggle the /PVP if they want to play safe or not-safe.
    • But players will not lose items & exp if they are killed by other players.
    • If someone tries to PVP then their fly and disguise will be turned off.
    • There are 3 resource worlds named Resource_world which is the normal overworld. The second is Resource_Nether which is the nether world and the last Resource_The_End which is the end world.
    • Keep Inv is always on in these resource world to make players wanting to gather resources in them more.
    • These resource worlds will reset every month 1st day of the month.
    • To make the server as much as possible Play 2 Win style we have removed all the items which would support p2w style from the donation store for silky.
    • Players can not buy personal keys from the donation store [Except Cosmetics]
    • Players can only do Keyalls from the donation store for Legendary Keys.
    • Players can make player warps by paying $25,000. Then they can make it a shop or town or anything then want.
    • Players can also set fees to visit their player warps if they want to use the command /pwarp help...
    • Players can purchase decorative heads from /hdb for $25 In-game money.
    • There are 30000+ heads to choose from for any style of building.
    • Players can do art on the server using the new plugin called art map. /Artmap help
    • To start making art craft a few items are required and use dyes to start designing.
    • Players will get tokens for doing activities like mob killing, building, fishing, breeding, mining & more.
    • These tokens can be used for purchasing the same thing you would get from the donation store.
    • Players can join daily, weekly and monthly tournaments to get crates keys as a reward for being in the top 3 positions.
    • We also adding taxes on the new server where selling anything in the auction house, chat auction or player chest shops will take 10% as tax to the server account...
    • We will use this money to improve the roads. healthcare and many other services [JK]
    • Players can make blocky elevators using the 2 Ore blocks placing 1 on the first floor and the second on the top floor.
    • Using the shift will move the player to 1 floor down and space will move the player to 1 floor up.

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