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Sir's Staff Application C:

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by SirSantiagoXIII, Feb 17, 2019.

  1. 1) 28
    2) SirSantiagoXIII
    3) Mod
    4) US-EAST
    5) Often times I'm helping players finding land to build homes, welcoming new players with resources and reiterating the rules to those that don't read them. I like helping players so that everyone can have an equally fun and memorable experience on the server.
    6) Six or seven hours a day.
    7) Although I would like to apply for admin, I understand that it's a stretch for my first application. However, I aim to become a well regarded and helpful staff member no matter which position I receive. This server is fantastic, and I believe it needs more active staff members.
    8) Yes
    9) A couple years ago I was the head of staff on, but sadly the server was shut down once the server owner had passed away (from old age). I was an admin for that server for about two years prior.
    10) Most likely I would ban them. If I need approval of higher staff, I will inform them before or after doing so.
    11) After their first warning, I would silence them for 5-10 minutes.
    12) I'm highly active on Silkycraft, and players seem to call on me for help whenever they're having issues regarding commands. Although I'm continually working on projects, I often drop everything I'm doing to help whoever calls on me. I'm also highly active on Discord when I can hop on, so that players can talk to me as well.
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