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Denied Unacceptable ban

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by mariusalexander, Mar 30, 2019.

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  1. No we didn't rebuild it. It was never torn down. We haven't showed any interrest in it either. We haven't talked about it to anyone since our last warning either.
    I feel like we can't even joke without you guys (the admins) get salty. It's almost like you're more sensetive to what me and Extrachris say.
    A perm ban was not the right decision here. You don't see all the positive things we do for the server. Think about what we're done for the community, as well as ALL the time we've spent here. I want to come back, and i hope you will think about all the positive things we've done, and not just the negative. This perm was a mistake.

    With that said i am sorry if i offended anyone.

  2. You not taking it down is also another issue, as you were told to remove it. We had actually checked on it. And today when we checked again, you had placed down the "stripper poles" again, made signs with "BEST DANCERS" on it and a bunch of names added on. There was a bar with alcoholic drinks, etc. None of that is allowed. Also, your previous offenses added on to this punishment. It wasn't just from this one instance. Your previous ban was a temporary ban for 7 days, following our protocol, next is a permanent ban.
  3. You clearly do not see what i've been trying to say in this message. Try to see all the positive and helpful things we've done.
    This is ban is outrageous and we did not diserve the ban. As well as i've said sorry,
    You're making a mistake, please do think twice before you make this decision. If you have a conscience give us a last chance.

    (A last comment) You did not tell us to remove it.
  4. I concur with all that Sub has said on this matter, and a permanent ban is definitely warranted after all of the toxicity, failure to listen to staff, disrespect, racism, etc that you have presented to the community and this great server. You were warned, muted, temp banned multiple times, and yet you still have not learned from your mistakes. I hope another server doesn't have to deal with you like we have. Learn from this. Farewell
  5. You have no conscience. I hope you learn from this.
  6. Even if you have done positive things, that does not make the bad ones go away or lessen. We keep the server as an enjoyable and happy environment that players can come to after a stressful time or just want to relax and have fun. What you and Chris were doing is the opposite of that, you caused stress for staff and players, you created an unenjoyable environment when you were on, kept breaking rules or tried avoiding breaking the rules by saying words that were close to bad ones but not enough for punishment and then acting innocent. We aren't dumb, we know exactly what you were doing.
  7. Exactly, we never said anything wrong. And i'm not saying you're not stupid. You're mainly just overthinking this.
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