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Denied xSynSoldier's Ban Appeal (Formally known as xTynx)

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by xTynx, Mar 23, 2019.

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  1. What is your username?
    (Please give us the username that you were banned on)

    When were you banned?
    (Date that which you were banned on)

    Why were you banned?
    It says "Being toxic to other players over time, causing drama in server with staff, breaking rules overtime, not stoping after told many time."
    (Reason stated on your Ban Message)

    Do you understand why you were banned?
    Yes, but actually no, because the reasoning is fairly broad, it does not go into too much detail on why I was banned. I was banned due to bidding high on auctions... like 1mil. nothing more than 1mil tho. There was no rules saying I could not do that tho. It just said, do not bid on auctions I did not plan to win. I planned to win, that's why I bid so high? So I was given a perm ban from Snector, which is believed to be Rex, I believe?
    (Explain whether you understand the reasoning behind your ban)

    Have you ever been banned before?
    Yes, one time Falghar banned me because I took some spawners from someone after he said I could, then he said I couldn't, so I put them back and then he perm banned me.
    (If so, explain why)

    Will you follow the rules again in the future?
    Yes, but I do suggest adding a rule saying no bidding insanely high on auctions, because I wasn't aware that that was not allowed on this server, but now that I am aware of that, I will no longer bid on auctions for that much money.
    (Explain why you want another chance)
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  3. Hello xSynSoldier. The staff team has reviewed your appeal and has chosen to deny it.
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